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Students with Disabilities

LCC International University seeks to create equal access for all students to the University’s facilities, academic programs, and non-academic programs. Reasonable accommodations in housing and academics can be granted for those with documented disabilities. Any student with a medical diagnosis for a disabling condition can apply for these accommodations. A disability may be physical and/or cognitive.

Disability Support Committee (DSC)

The Disability Support Committee (DSC) exists to grant reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities to support the student in meeting course learning outcomes. The process for requesting an accommodation can be found below. The DSC also seeks to provide support to students with disabilities with regular check-ins, guidance related to their accommodation(s), and genuine care.

The committee is chaired by the Director of Student Success & Wellness. Email any questions to


The admission process to LCC does not include any questions related to disability. Should students inquire about disability support at LCC, the Admissions Counselor can refer the student to talk further with the Director of Student Success and Wellness.

Once accepted to LCC, a student can start the process indicated below to request special housing arrangements and academic accommodations. 

Accessibility to facilities

Both LCC residence halls are wheelchair accessible and have elevators providing access to all floors. There are two rooms which have been modified to accommodate wheelchairs. The Housing coordinator works with each student with mobility limitations that require accommodation to determine specific needs. DeFehr Centras’s academic facility has an elevator providing access to all floors and all academic classrooms, sans Kaminskiene Hall. Course registration for students with disabilities is scheduled in such a way that allows them access to the facilities needed.  DeFehr Centras has a handicap-accessible bathroom.  Michealsen Centras is accessible for students with disabilities and is available for students for sports and leisure activities.

After accommodations have been approved by the Disability Support Committee, the Committee will communicate with the Housing Coordinator regarding reasonable accommodations within student housing for the student.  

Applying for Academic & Housing Accommodations

A student with a documented disability must follow the required procedure for requesting accommodations. The student can apply for accommodations at any point during their academic studies. Accommodations will not be granted retroactively. 

The procedure for requesting reasonable accommodations is as follows:     

  1. Before submitting the accommodation application, a student should meet with a member of the DSC to discuss any relevant disability and get general guidance about the accommodation request process.  
  2. The committee accepts applications on a rolling basis and makes a decision within 10 workdays.   
  3. The DSC will meet and approve or deny the student’s request for accommodation(s). The student will be notified and if approved, the faculty and student will be sent an official accommodation letter. Students are responsible for communicating with faculty their intent to utilize the accommodation(s) in class. 
  4. Communication for accommodations related to academics will happen at the start of each semester; communication for accommodations related to housing will happen a minimum of once a year.  

A member of the DSC will request a meeting with the student once per semester to ensure the approved accommodations are meeting their needs. Accommodations cannot be granted retroactively. 

Short Term Accommodation(s) for Students with Extraordinary Medical Circumstances

In case of exceptional acute medical conditions and hospitalization (beyond the number of allowed absences), a student may submit an Exceptional Circumstances Accommodation Request for additional absences or academic accommodations to be considered by the DSC.

If possible, before submitting this form a student should meet with a member of the DSC to discuss the situation and get general guidance about this accommodation request process.

Next, an online form must be submitted together with a medical document where it is clearly stated when the student was hospitalized. In these cases, an accommodation may be granted retroactively if sufficient medical documentation is presented.

All students are already provided with six clock hours of absences in each three-credit-hour class and are expected to manage their use of these absences appropriately to account for potential absences sickness. Additional unpenalized absences are not granted for those with minor illnesses.

Any questions can be directed to the Director of Student Success & Wellness.

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