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An LCC ID card is an official LCC document intended to be used as the primary source of identification of students on LCC property. The card will open university doors, it will allow students to check out library materials, and to use the Michealsen Center facilities, etc.

LCC ID card is issued for the whole period of students’ studies. The responsibility for the safety and usage of the card lies with the person whose name is on the card. It is prohibited to give your card to another person.

  • Each person can have only one card. It is prohibited to use another person’s card.
  • It is mandatory that every student has an activated LCC ID card.
  • In order to unlock the doors or gates, you should scan the card on the particular entrance reader. The distance between your card and the reader can be up to 15 cm.

Where a card be used?

  • Library. You can get textbooks and check out other books in the library.
  • Michealsen fitness center. Students planning to use the Michealsen fitness center need to pay and activate their cards at the Michealsen Center reception desk. Use the card to access the MC after 17:00.
  • Back entrance of DeFehr center. The back entrance can be opened with a card from 8:00. 
  • Access to Residence Halls. Entry rights to the Residence halls are granted to residential students through Residence life department. If you have issues accessing the halls, email
  • Off campus. Your LCC ID card also gives you the following discounts off campus: TBD

Lost your card?

If an ID card is lost, stop by the DeFehr reception manager or email A new card will be made in a day and the cost of replacement is 15 EUR which can be paid in cash or credit at SFS or added to your student financial account

Card Deactivation

When you leave LCC permanently, your card is deactivated.  If you would like to continue to use LCC campus resources (library, gym, etc.) you will be issued a new card in each location.

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