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Student council and clubs

Meet the Student Council

Gevorg Hayrapetian – President

  • Represents students on President’s Cabinet and LCC Board of Directors
  • Supervises other Student Council members in the execution of their duties
  • Prepares semi-annual performance reports
  • Coordinates the Student Council election process
  • Chairs Student Council meetings and keeps the record of the minutes. 

Sose Simavorian – Vice President

  • Represents students on Academic Council
  • Ensures student input into academic policies and procedures
  • Assists in coordinating the StuCo election process 
  • Replaces the President in case of his/her absence or resignation

Yuri Nevidovych – Secretary

  • Keeps track of Student Council documentations
  • Prepares reports and publishes documents with the student body
  • Actively participates in Student Council Representation

Kristel Beluli – Event Coordinator

  • Creates and facilitates StuCo events on campus 
  • Distributes information about event-planning policies to students 
  • Plans a minimum of three events per semester, work together with the Marketing Coordinator on decorations for the events, its design, as well as purchase food together with the Treasurer

Ksenia Paramonova- Marketing Coordinator

  • Markets and promotes events and other StuCo activities both online and on-campus
  • Maintains StuCo’s online presence 
  • Works with Event and Club Coordinator decorations and advertisements for events and clubs
  • Partners with LCC Marketing Department 

Keta Kokhtashvili – Club Coordinator

  • Coordinates the club the registration process and their compliance with event-planning policies
  • Keeps track of all club leaders and activities
  • Works with the Treasurer to distribute funds to clubs

Irūna Lukšaite – External Relations Coordinator

  • Creates and maintains partnerships and communication with bodies outside of LCC
  • Helps with the organization of off-campus activities
  • Assists with fundraising and other legal/document procedures done outside of LCC (e.g. ISIC, LSP)

Mukaddas Umarova – Treasurer

  • Keep a  record of all expenses of the  StuCo
  • Manages pre- and post- programming forms and keeps a record of them
  • Works closely with Clubs Coordinator to assign funds to clubs

Major Representatives

  • Gevorg Hayrapetian – Business Administration
  • Dito Sukhasvhili – Contemporary Communication
  • Keta Kokhtashvili – Psychology

Year Representatives

  • Sose Simavorian – Freshmen
  • Irūna Lukšaite – Sophomore
  • Dito Sukhashvili – Junior
  • Gevorg Hayrapetian – Senior

Elections 2022-2023

Student Council members are student body representatives and shall be elected annually in the General StuCo Elections. The StuCo elections process is governed by the Constitution and is held under the supervision and monitoring of the Election Committee The Elections committee consisting of current StuCo member Gevorg Hayrapetian, as well as Director of Student Engagement Hannah Schundler and Chaplain Joel Altena has determined the following schedule:

  • Phase 1 – February 3-10

Accepting nominations and screening the nominees to ensure they fit the obligations required for the position they are running for. All students who meet the eligibility criteria below can apply by submitting their application by a predetermined date. Applications will be reviewed by the Election Committee on March 12 and those who are eligible to run will be  informed. 

  • Phase 2 – February 12-18

Students who are eligible to run will have a week to campaign, which includes online social media campaigning and putting posters up.  Students will then prepare an election speech that they will present to the student body.  –  12pm 

  • Candidate debates (February 22 ) – 12pm-1:30pm  
  • Phase 3 – February 24-28

Actual elections take place where each student may vote for their selected candidates. Elections will be done electronically.  Elections will take place electronically under the supervision of the Election Committee. In the case of a vacancy of any position, the StuCo President will announce and hold applications and interviews to fill the position.  

March 1 Results will be shared.

Eligibility criteria for StuCo: 

  • Full-time student enrolled at LCC
  • Not be on academic or student life probation
  • Must have a GPA of 7.5 and more

All nominees for President should have spent at least 2 years as students at LCC and be able to serve for the whole year.  It is important the candidates are in Klaipeda. 

Student Clubs

Have at least 2 members on the management team
Have a club leader (and an advisor from faculty or staff for category 1 clubs)
Have regular meetings
Attend club leader meetings organized by Student Council
Write an activity report once a semester
Be listed on LCC Portal
Use Student leader lounge for club meetings
Use LCC facilities, equipment free of charge
Advertise its activities and events through official LCC channels (social media, email, posters, etc.)

Club Registration Process and Timeline

  • Club registration form must be submitted by the 10th of every month
  • Committee informs the organization if it has been approved or not recommended by the 15th of every month

Film Society

The Film Society club is for students who are interested in cinematography, screenwriting, acting, or editing. People with different talents and interests will collaborate and create a new product. This club will include meetings, workshops, castings, shootings, and presentations.

 Contact: Elen Khachatryan

Zumba Club

Zumba club is a place where students can release their stress and emotions by engaging in exciting Zumba dancing. Our goal is to inspire students to be more active, brave and self confident.

Contact: Diana Anna Audare

Kitsune in Hanbok

Japanese and South Korean cultures fan-club, that is active since 2019 Every meeting we
learn more about said cultures and discuss the cultural aspects, problems that arise in
Korea or Japan and then discuss if those problems are the same in our countries. During
the semester we might travel to different towns in Lithuania, cook a variety of dishes and
watch anime & discuss K-Pop

Contact: Gabriele Malukaite

Comfort Club

Goals 1. Provide a space where students can relax from studying while having fun, making
new friends and growing as a person. 2. Provide a space for students to learn from each
other, share opinions and challenge their views. 3. Provide emotional support to members
and reduce their academic-related stress thanks to open talks and activities. 4. Boost teambuilding and cooperation in students thanks to various team activities. Activities 1.
Drinking tea during each meeting and discuss a specific topic (e.g. “Trust”, “Friendship”, or
“Self-confidence”). 2. Play icebreakers, games (related and unrelated to the topic of day). 3.
Watching topic-relevant short cartoons/movies/videos. 4. Doing interesting quizzes,
experiments and exercises.

Contact: Hayk Mantashyan

The Habits

The Habits club invites people of different worldviews to share their concern and love for nature, animals and human flourishing. Our mission is to transform LCC campus into an environmentally sustainable community by sharing our passion and inspiring others. We plan to do this by increasing environmental awareness and providing opportunities for more sustainable life on campus. We are brainstorming and planning events which would inspire people to adopt green habits such as showcasing beautifully made documentaries about the relationship between animals, the natural world and humanity, or artsy workshops on making your own tote bags, etc.

Contact: Diana Anna Audare

Volleybal Club “Fly”

We will have a volleyball games for people who want to play for fun, for people who want to learn how to, and for people who want to find a good competition. 

Contact: Yury Sakhanevich

Improv Theater Club

This club is all about learning how to perform improvised scenes. It is a theatre that makes other people laugh. We have activities focused on being spontaneous, learning to step out of your comfort zone, listening and working in team. 

Goal: to make a performance for other LCC students.

Contact: Jana Ozolina

The Art & Therapy Club

The Art & Therapy Club’s major goal is to inspire students to explore their artistic potential
and visual communication in new creative ways. Art therapy is an excellent approach to
relax and encourage students to talk about personal concerns, student pressure, or other
relevant issues that can be resolved. The club aims to provide participants with creative
tools or inspirational ideas for comprehending the whole beautiful world around and
enable those who are interested to explore and enhance each other’s creativity. The club
invites students from all over the world to draw pictures, sketch, photograph, or make
crafts allowing them to uncover creative potential.

Contact: Danylo Semakov

Sustainability Shapers

Please follow the link in order to find more about the description of the club and its

Contact: Beka Gvaramia

Chess Club

Contact: Giorgi Tsulaia

International University Chronicle (IUC)

This club is a student media platform where students voice their concerns, share opinions, develop their journalistic skills in both multimedia and written mediums, and, most importantly, bring the most interesting stories of campus life into the light.  

Contact: Mariia Lysikova 

Dance Club

The dance club mission will be to instill a great love of dance, while inspiring selfconfidence, discipline and respect of performing arts. The club gather different people
from different countries, respect everyone’s culture and even set up national dances. The
club will instill a great love and communication. Also, I plan on dancing on different LCC
events to show people our moves and how fun dance can be. By the way dance can help
with the physical shape. I consider myself a good dance teacher, because I have been a
professional dancer for 13 years now and I have an experience of being a dance teacher,
because I helped my dance teacher to teach young children the dance moves. By the way I
am a great problem solver and communicator, so if we face some problems in the dance
group I will be there to help and solve everything in no time.

Contact: Erik Yeghinyan & Satine Gevorgyan

‘We Are The Children”

Volunteering in orphanages, schools and autism center. Playing, spending time with kids by using art therapy. Goal is that support kids and help them to learn how to control emotions and show them friends support. 

Club Leader: Zoe Adelaja 

Tennis club

The main goal is to make tennis accessible as a sport at our university. Anyone who wants
to learn how to play or just as an amateur to train will be able to visit the club.

Club Leader: Anelya Orazova

Table Tennis Club

The main goal is to make LCC community more enthusiastic at sport. Table tennis has
become quite popular lately, so I would like to make it even more popular in near future.
Moreover, sometimes students can be exhausted from their studies or personal issues, so
according to various studies, doing sport like playing table tennis is an effective way to find
psychological relief and make people receive some positive vibes. In addition, I would like
to help people improve their table tennis skills. I have been playing table tennis for 10
years, so I am the one who can teach a lot when it comes to this type of sport. I have
already started teaching some people when we play with each other in the lobby, but I
would like it to be more organized and official, so it will be great news for me and other
table tennis fans if I am allowed to register this club. Activities are going to vary.
Sometimes trainings are not about practice only. I am going to insert some theoretic
knowledge into our trainings as well. I am going to watch how students are playing and
then share my individual feedback to all of them and make them aware of their mistakes,
flaws etc. I hope I will help them to turn their weaknesses into strengths. Various exercises
will be practiced to enhance skills.

Contact: Tair Khudaibergenov

TikTok Club

TikTok club is just for fun

Club Leader: Svitlana Dyl

Multicultural Family

Exchanging experiences and cultures, discussing countries political situations, getting
acquainted with cuisine

Club Leader: Yury Nevidovich

LCC Theater Club

Goals: -Cultural education – Self awareness – Communication skills- Oral skills-Public
speaking-Involvement into art community – Engaging Activities(improv games, play
readings) We will learn about elements of theater(genres, characters, plot, dialogue, voice,
tension and etc) We will sing and act. I want to share my experience of being a part of
American and Kyrgyz theater. I determined to create a club for students who interested in
learning more about the aspects of theater.

Club Leader: Marlen Muratbekov

Namaste Yoga Club

“Namaste” Yoga club is an awesome way to maintain physical and mental wellbeing using meditation, self-observation, breathing exercises, stretching, asanas, or traditional Hatha and Vinaya’s yoga poses. Perfect for beginners, don’t require any previous experience. Bring your yoga mat or towel, water bottle, and comfortable clothing. Yoga is done barefoot.

Club Leader: Diana Anna Audare 

Abundant Life

This club will be a space where students can come to explore the concept of mental health,
stress and stress management and related emotional challenges. In a fun, engaging,
inspiring, inclusive and relaxing manner. Using games, active and creative activities, that
provide a space for self and emotion exploration and a time to focus on the moment and
take a positive break from stress with fellow students.

Contact: Maisie Rhodes

Advisor: Scott Olsen


So, you want to plan an event. You’ve got an idea, maybe you’ve begun planning the event, and now you’re wondering – what do I have to do to get it approved? 

  • Visit the LCC Events Calendar at least 2½ -weeks before you want your event to happen. Check to make sure the date & time you want is available. If you are planning an event for the larger student body, make sure there are no other large events the same week.  Also, be aware of when your event will happen in the semester. If it’s the week before exams or a break, it’s probably not the best time unless it’s related to exam preparation. If the date & time you’d like is available, connect with your club organizer, StuCo representative, or an Academic/ Student Life department (all events must go through one of these 3 channels).
  • Fill out the Public Event Approval Form. This form will ask you some of the essential details we need in order to approve your event and will also be used for promotion. Please fill it out to the best of your ability.  Before submitting the form with the staff or faculty’s name, make sure they are aware and agree to be your advisor for the event. Once you submit the form it will go to the Student Life Team for approval. You will be notified about approval or not within 2 working days (Monday-Friday) of your submission.  Questions: email
  • If you receive approval, your event will officially be added to the Events calendar. At this point there are four important advertising-related things to do: 
    • Reserve a room through the DeFehr Front Desk (or ask your advisor to reserve a room) b. Create a poster (for Defehr Lobby – A3 vertical, for StuCo Clubs Board – A4 vertical, and for Residence Hall Lobbies (please give to reception) – A4 vertical) 
    • Print your poster either on your own or go to StuCo/your advisor if you do not have printing approval. Please print in color. 
    • Email  to include your event in the weekly ‘[e]vents’ newsletter. Include a picture/banner, contact details, relevant sign-up links/forms, and a short paragraph description. Please turn it in by Friday at noon for the following Monday newsletter.  
    • Create an Event on the Events on the LCC Campus Facebook group. 
    • Reserve A/V Tech from IT with a request from your staff/faculty advisor. This includes a projector, laptop, clicker, HDMI, VGA, etc.
    • Finally, fill out the ‘Sound Technician – Events Request Form’ at least 2-weeks before.  This form only pertains to sound needs (mics, speakers, audio cords, XLR’s, etc.).  Questions? Email
  • After the event: Make sure you evaluate how your event went. If it was a Student Life or StuCo event, fill out this evaluation form (NOTE: you’ll need to count attendance numbers during the event)  Post pictures on social media on the LCC Student Life Facebook page

About student council

As a student at LCC, you automatically become a member of the student body and have the right to elect your representatives. The StuCo is the officially recognized student organization of LCC that represents the students to the internal and external community and acts as the instrument through which students are able to provide input into the internal policies in order to foster unity between LCC community members, promote student concerns, and to advance the general welfare of the University. 

The objectives of the Student Council are:

  • maintain close relationships with LCC administration, instructors, students, other educational institutions, local, national, and international organizations;
  • encourage collaboration with other higher education institutions’ students and student organizations;
  • represent students of LCC, and protect their rights along with legal interests, express students’ academic and societal interests to the university’s administration and other national institutions
  • discover the talents and abilities of the students, help utilize them and encourage them to contribute to the greater community through the submission of ideas
  • encourage the formation and activities of student clubs, and coordinating work between them and supporting their activities


The Student Council will take place once a week. The meeting schedule is posted on the web and on the door of the Student leader lounge. Any member of the student body may request to sit in on the meeting.  StuCo President shall maintain and make available to LCC students documents containing the following:

  • This Constitution
  • Minutes of all the meetings of the Council
  • Event pre- and post-programming records
  • Budget expense tracking

Email of you have any questions or suggestions. 

“Connect with stuco”

Have Questions, Advice, Issue, Feedback or Just Something You Would Like To Say To The Members Of The Student Council? 

Feel Free To Communicate

Your Student Council 2020-2021

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