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Migration information for returning students

About migration services

LCC Migration Affairs Office exists to guide non-Lithuanian LCC students through the process of obtaining the documents required for legal residence in the Republic of Lithuania. Please note that our Office does not have direct control over the migration processes, nor can we affect the decisions of the Lithuanian Migration Department (an institution in charge of all migration-related issues in the Republic of Lithuania). But we are ready to advise when possible!

LCC Migration Affairs office does:LCC Migration Affairs office does NOT:
Answer questions about National Visa D and TRP (Temporary Residence Permit) card;Issue National Visas or TRP cards;
Prepare documents for the application from LCC side;Have any impact on decisions made by Migration office;
Guide students through the process of application for Visa D or TRP card;Come up with the Migration regulations or rules;
Confirm documents

Differences between Visa D and TRP

Allows to study and stay legally in LithuaniaAllows to study and stay legally in Lithuania
Does not allow to get employed in EUDoes not allow to get employed in EU
Allows to travel in other SCHENGEN countries without an additional visaAllows to travel in other SCHENGEN countries without an additional visa
Can be issued for up to 12 monthsCan be issued up to 2 years
Does not allow to get employed in LithuaniaAllows you to work full time (40hrs a week)
Only issued once, no extensionExtended every 2 years
Health insurance is valid in Schengen areaHealth insurance is valid in Lithuania ONLY
Cost: FREE80€ (general order) / 320 € (urgent order)

TRP Application

Students take sole responsibility in accurately preparing and timely submitting a full set of documents required for visa and temporary residence permit application purposes, in accordance with the requirements of the Lithuanian Migration Department. The failure to comply with the requirements by a set by the university deadline, will result in suspension of student‘s visa/ TRP application process, and automatic termination of student contract.

TRP Application process

Submit MIGRIS application
Submit your application for TRP card online and then at Klaipeda’s Migration Office (you have to do both)

Wait for TRP decision to be made
To make a decision to issue TRP card could take up to 3 months since application day in Migration Department.

Collect your TRP
Collect your TRP card in person at Klaipeda’s Migration Office

This manual can help you to fill in ONLINE MIGRIS form

Expenses related to TRP card

TRP application and printing cost80€ (general order) / 320€ (urgent order)
Health insurance for 2 years160€

TRP card collection

  • TRP application and biometric data submission in Migration Department was the first thing in order to get TRP. The second is to review (by head office) summited documents and make a decision to issue a TRP card.
  • As soon as TRP is made you will get a message  from Migration Department regarding the decision they have to make. 
  • It could take up to 3 months to get a message but usually Migrations Coordinator is providing approximate date when you can expect collect your card.


In your MIGRIS account (where you filled MIGRIS online form for TRP application). Please use the same email, log in and on the left hand side you will see a folder under the name ‘My conversations’. Click on this, unhide (if hidden) and read a message if there is one. You will find a DATE indicated there with the earliest date for the card collection (If the decision has been made already).

In order to collect TRP card you have to make an appointment online! Please use manual for a visit.


  • Migris appointment confirmation (email you received from Migris after you made an appointment)
  • Passport
  • Current TRP (if you have one)


As soon as you will collect your TRP,  please email photo a copy  of TRP card ASAP (both sides) to LCC Migrations Coordinator. Otherwise your Student status in LCC Migration list will not be completed.

Cancellation of Visa D or TRP

When you are suspended, dismissed, withdrawn or took academic leave, your migration document will be canceled in 7 days and you will have to leave Lithuania within that time. When you will be re-admitted or will be coming back from academic leave, you will need to apply for Visa D again at the Embassy at your home country.

Travelling in Schengen area

Schengen area is an area comprising 26 European states that have officially abolished all passports and all other types of border control at their mutual borders. However, it does not mean you do not need to have documents with you. When traveling always have your passport with visa D or TRP card with you. Make sure your documents are valid and check the dates to make sure they are still valid when returning to Lithuania.  


Your TRP card or Visa D DOES NOT give you permission to WORK outside Lithuania; TRP card allows you to work full time just in Lithuania during the summer period;

 90/180 RULE

TRP card or Visa D allows you JUST to TRAVEL outside Lithuania in the Schengen Zone countries for 90 days within a period of 180 days (days are counted backward. If you overstay and you get checked at the border, you can get a fine, your migration documents may be canceled and you even can get a ban for 5 years to apply for any Visa to enter the Schengen zone. Keep your traveling information (tickets, boarding passes) as proof of your traveling dates. Beware some employers will tell you that you can work 4 months and no one is checking, however, this is the risk you assume yourself if you decide to violate the law. Use this calculator of travel days remaining under a Schengen short-stay visa/TRP.  


If you have:

  • visa D – your health insurance is valid in all Schengen countries
  • TRP – your health insurance is valid only in Lithuania

Plan to purchase additional travel insurance while traveling with TRP because in the case of a medical emergency or sickness, you will not be covered.

Things to remember while travelling

  • Foreigners with the National Lithuanian Visa D CAN travel the territories of other states of the SCHENGEN AREA, but no more than 90 days within any 180-day period.
  • SCHENGEN AREA IS NOT the same as the European Union (EU). Additional visa is required for visiting EU country which is not part of Schengen area 
  • Always travel with your international passport and a valid Visa or TRP
  • Follow 90/180 rule 

Consequences of the violation in Schengen Area

  • If violation has been made, then the person will be banned from all Schengen area for up to 5 years 
  • A fine paid to the country where violation was performed 
  • Deportation to home country if person is coughed 
  • Not able to complete education at LCC

TRP Reprint


Your submitted documents for TRP are being reviewed by Migration Specialist who is making  a decision to issue the permission to live in and Lithuania and TRP card.


Permission to live in Lithuania can be issued for maximum of two years if student is meeting ALL requirements at the time of the application and TRP card can be issued for a shorter period than permission. 

A few reasons to reprint TRP:

  • Personal data changed, 
  • The document has became unusable, 
  • The document contains inaccurate entries, 
  • The document is lost, 
  • The temporary residence permit was issued for a period of 3 months shorter than the validity of the travel document (passport) (MAIN ONE FOR LCC STUDENTS)

!To reprint TRP does not mean to reapply for TRP. Reprint process is quick does not require any additional documents as criminal records or financial statement.

At the time when the decision is being made to issue TRP for a student, dates of permission and TRP validity also being provided in the letter from the Migration Department.

The cost of reprint:

  • General (~2 weeks) – 40 eur
  • Urgent (up to 3 days) – 80 eur

TRP for 12 months after graduation

Students that have graduated and got a Diploma from a Lithuanian Higher Education institution may apply for temporary residence for another 12 months for the purpose of searching for employment in Lithuania. Students may begin their application process when Diploma is received (but not later than 3 months after you received your Diploma)

For the application you will need: 

  • Fill Online MIGRIS form
  • A valid ID document
  • Diploma
  • A document confirming that you have enough funds for the next 12 months or receive regular incomes e.g. a certificate issued by the bank about the available funds (In 2022 – 8760* EUR)
  • A notarized document of the place of the residence (e.g. rental agreement for the whole TRP’s period of time)
  • Health insurance for entire TRP validity (insured sum is minimum 6000 EUR which guarantees the payment of essential medical expenses and arise due to persons return to the foreign state for health reasons), as provided in the Law on Health Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania. 


  • General procedure – 160 EUR (when you are applying 4 months before your current TRP expires)
  • Urgent order – 320 EUR (when you are applying 2 months before your current TRP expires)

Application process takes 3 months.

*based on 2022 minimum salary of 730 EUR/month

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