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Leadership program

About LDP

At LCC International University we believe that leadership is a process that is ultimately concerned with fostering change. It implies a process where there is movement – from wherever we are now to some future place. Leadership is a purpose filled process which is inherently value based. Our theoretical foundation for student leadership development (Social Change Model) promotes values that are in line with the vision, mission and student learning outcomes for LCC International University (LCC) in the context of the diverse environment of our university:

  • equity 
  • social justice 
  • self-knowledge  
  • personal empowerment 
  • collaboration 
  • citizenship
  • service 

The goal of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) is to provide you with an opportunity for leadership development as you work collaboratively with other students, guided and supported by staff mentors in an experience where you are together in a process of positive social change. 

You will learn through experience.  To be successful, you will receive:

  • adequate orientation and training for the specific student leader role
  • accountability and support from the mentor
  • opportunities for the development of leadership values, skills, and understanding
  • opportunities for personal self-assessment and feedback.

Students who serve at LCC in various student leadership positions make a commitment of time, energy, and creativity to the LCC community because they believe in the mission of the university and want to contribute to a positive experience for the LCC community. 

In order to be considered  for a leadership position you have to: 

  • Be a full-time student at LCC 
  • Have a CUM GPA above 7.0 
  • Not be on academic or disciplinary probation 
  • Commit to 5-20 hrs a week for leadership program

Important Dates: 

  • Thursday, February 4, 2021, 12:00-13:00 – Virtual Leadership Fair  
  • Friday, February 12, 2021, 17:00 – Deadline for applications
  • Tuesday, March 9, 2021 – Invitations are sent out to accepted leaders

Learning goals

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Gain self- knowledge

You will know your talents, values, interests as these relate to your leadership skills.

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Develop Leadership Competence

You will learn know to mobilize yourself and others to serve and work collaboratively.

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Facilitate positive social change around you

You will undertake actions which will help the community to function more effectively and humanely.


Chapel Worship Leader

The Chapel Worship Leaders (CWL) work closely with the Chaplain in developing and implementing weekly chapel services. The primary roles of the student leaders will focus on the planning of worship and the discipleship of chapel band members. CWL will recruit, train, and lead teams of musicians and sound technicians, and strive to help them grow in the Christian faith while fostering a positive community. CWL will have the opportunity to grow in their faith by participating in spiritual formation activities and a mentoring relationship with the Chaplain. CWL will also grow professionally through continuing worship education and professional development opportunities.

  • Weekly time commitment: 6-8 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 6
  • Start date: August 27, 2021

First Year Seminar Leader

First-Year Seminar (FYS) leaders assist new students in their transition to academic and social life at LCC through freshmen-oriented events, FYS class, and peer mentoring. FYS leaders work closely with the SSC Coordinator to plan and facilitate New Student Orientation each semester and are responsible for leading a group of 18-20 students through the orientation programs. In the Fall semester, FYS leaders work with their assigned FYS staff/faculty instructor to plan and lead weekly classroom sessions. In the Spring semester, FYS leaders continue to integrate new students into the LCC community by organizing monthly freshmen-oriented events. FYS leaders will learn in a supportive group environment and will develop competencies in public speaking, leading groups, and teaching  

  • Weekly time commitment: 4-8 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 14
  • Start date: August 20, 2021

Intercultural Leader

Intercultural Leaders (IL) assist students as they adjust to life in Lithuania and LCC International University. The primary role is to organize events and promote inclusivity and diversity including intercultural programming on campus. Intercultural leaders also serve as intentional student advocates, bringing concerns to the mentors. Intercultural student leaders should be aware of global events and conflicts in order to facilitate meaningful and encouraging conversation.

  • Weekly time commitment: 4-6 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 3-4
  • Start date: August 21, 2021

International Exchange Leader

International Exchange Leaders (IEX) have an opportunity to host Asian and European students and to coordinate their orientation to Klaipėda, Lithuania, and the Baltics. A student leader helps integrate the incoming students into LCC programs and events. He/she also assists the Program Coordinator with the Baltic capitals trips by leading and managing student groups while traveling. The International Exchange student leader assists in orientation for incoming foreign students, developing student itineraries, Riga trip, and other regional trips

  • Weekly time commitment: 2-6 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 3
  • Start date: August 25, 2021

Study Abroad Intern

 Study Abroad Interns (SAI) have an opportunity to work with the CIE office staff and create the experience for the Study Abroad students who come to LCC. Interns are the primary communicators with Study Abroad students, acting as interpreters of culture, listening to and answering questions, as well as providing important information. Interns also organize and lead group events, activities, and excursions and use their unique personalities to convey and dialogue about cultural issues.  

  • Weekly time commitment: 4-6 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 3
  • Start date: August 21, 2021

Resident Assistant

A Resident Assistant (RA) serves as a peer educator in residence halls. The RA works closely with a Resident Director (RD) to foster community, care, and engagement. The RA is available to give support to residents and provide the necessary information. RAs will be able to develop leadership and professional skills, have the opportunity to participate in leadership seminars designed specifically for LCC student leaders, and collaborate with other RAs and student leaders, and create events that promote Residential Life learning objectives.

Floor RAs receive housing scholarships

  • Weekly time commitment: 18-20 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 20 (including alternative RAs
  • Start date: August 18, 2021

Discipleship Assistant

Discipleship Assistants (DAs) minister in the halls to residential students*, facilitating opportunities for others to encounter Christ, experience Christian fellowship, and grow in their faith. They do this primarily in three ways. First, they live intentionally in the halls, participating actively on the floor, building relationships with residents, praying regularly for others, extending a ministry of presence and hospitality, and being available for prayer, encouragement, and support. Second, they lead a weekly Bible study and prayer time on the floor. Third, DAs organize other campus gatherings or ministries with a focus on hospitality, fellowship, and worship. *There is one Commuter DA position available  

  • Weekly time commitment: 6-8 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 15
  • Start date: August 25, 2021

Career advisor

Career Advisors (CAs) are student leaders who have been trained to assist students with a variety of areas in the career planning process. They have a strong understanding of the resources in career and professional development and can help guide students in the right direction based on needs. Main responsibilities include advising, outreach and education, and programming assistance.  

  • Weekly time commitment: 4-6 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 2
  • Start date: August 27, 2021

Peer Support Counselor

Peer support counselors student leaders who are trained to provide listening, support, and alternatives to fellow students while avoiding giving advice. The peer support counselor will work under the supervision of the campus counselor. Peer support counselors will also develop skills in creating a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere where people are free to share their feelings and thoughts. They will gain leadership skills and create programming that addresses a variety of health issues on campus, such as stress management, social skills, and healthy relationships.  

  • Weekly time commitment: 6-8 hrs
  • Max. positions available: 2
  • Start date: August 26, 2021


By applying for a student leader position, all student leaders commit to:

  • Uphold LCC’s current behavioral standards
  • Work with and cooperate respectfully with their mentor
  • Actively participate in Student Leadership Training and return to LCC for training as specified by the mentor of the program
  • Take advantage of leadership development opportunities provided by the university, including one-on-one mentorship and conferences
  • Serve the community by participating in and supporting major campus wide events
  • Be on time and actively engaged in all team meetings and events
  • Work towards the goals of the team and the program
  • Set specific goals for personal leadership development with the mentor
  • Exercise good stewardship of LCC resources (computers, printers, money, and etc.)
  • Be accountable for the actions and always remembering that they are role models to other students
  • Represent student leaders and LCC International University respectfully through responsible Social Media use.

Leadership Awards

Leadership Excellence Award

  • Eligibility: Seniors who held a student leadership position for at least two years, while maintaining a GPA of 9.2 and higher.  
  • Presented: Baccalaureate Service

The Leadership Excellence Award is given in recognition of outstanding overall contribution to the LCC community life through student leadership activities. The recipient of this award has initiated programs or activities designed to foster a greater sense of community among LCC students and staff and between the LCC community and the greater Klaipeda community.  The award recipient is selected through a vote by student leader mentors. 

Bonnie Straight Award for Service and Leadership

  • Eligibility: Seniors who held a student leadership position for three years 
  • Presented: Leadership Award Ceremony

The Bonnie Straight Award for Service and Leadership was created in 2008 in honor of a long-term faculty member who left a legacy of service and leadership. Bonnie Straight served in the Business Administration department as both Department Chair & Faculty member for more than a decade, as well as serving in many informal leadership roles within the LCC community. She was someone who was known at LCC for selflessly serving students, staff and faculty with a warm smile & a listening ear, provided additional support for students above & beyond the classroom. Since 2008, this award is being presented to a graduating student who has served as a student leader for three years and exemplifies the qualities of both service and leadership.  The award recipient is selected through a vote by student leader mentors.  

Student Leader of the Year Award

  • Eligibility: Any current student leader 
  • Presented: Leadership Award Ceremony

The Student Leader of the Year is presented to a student leader who exhibits excellent service in their student leadership position makes meaningful  contributions to LCC’s community and exhibits an overall emotional, physical, social and academic balance and well-being. To put it simply: this is the leader on campus that all other students look up to. Someone who goes the extra mile to do what is right, and with great integrity and sacrifice to their own personal time exhibits a true servant’s heart.

Award Recipients

Bonnie Straight Award

  • 2008 – Vladiyslav Bolyelov
  • 2009 – Yuliya Prysyazhnyuk
  • 2010 – Kateryna Khozroshyna
  • 2011 – Alla Khoruzha
  • 2012 – Vaiva Čekatauskaitė
  • 2013 – Anton Putilin
  • 2014 – Oleksandra Baklaieva
  • 2015 – Irsana Payzullaeva
  • 2016 – Vitaliy Sokyrka
  • 2018 – Tumosaitė Julija
  • 2019 – Evelina Kriptavičiūtė
  • 2020-  Vika Romasko 

Leadership Excellence Award

  • 2008 – Vladiyslav Bolyelov
  • 2009 – Yuliya Prysyazhnyuk
  • 2010 – Kateryna Khozroshyna
  • 2011 – Alla Khoruzha
  • 2012 – Vaiva Čekatauskaitė
  • 2013 – Anton Putilin
  • 2014 – Oleksandra Baklaieva
  • 2015 – Irsana Payzullaeva
  • 2016 – Vitaliy Sokyrka
  • 2018 – Lukas Feil
  • 2019 – Giorgi Kaishauri
  • 2020-  Yuliia Rusianovska 

Student Leader of the Year

  • 2020- Anastasia Chernous  

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