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Students with Special Needs

The policy has been created to confirm existing practice of accepting and supporting students with special needs and ensure a structured support system. It provides the framework for admission practices, academic assistance, and the provision of services and support to students with special needs (including chronic physical and psychological illnesses) in order to ensure that they can have equal access to the University’s programs and activities and succeed in their studies. LCC International University strives to create equal access to higher education for all individuals, to establish favorable conditions of equal opportunities for people with special needs. The integration of persons with special needs into society through higher education programs is set by certain university policy and procedure in compliance with Bologna Process 2020 documents and National Program for Social Integration of People with Disabilities (Lithuanian Government, 2012).


LCC International University believes that all students, including students with special needs  should have equal opportunity to university programs and activities. Support will be specific and appropriate for each individual case. There is no separate admission process for applicants with special needs. Special needs accommodations do not include reduced standards of academic performance, reduced standards of English language, waiver of academic courses. For further advice please contact the Admissions Office by emailing or calling +370 46 310 460.

Government Support For Students With Special Needs

A new project that is aimed at ensuring access to education for students with special needs has started at the end of 2015. The duration of the new project is 84 months and the value of the project is €7.24 million. Students with special needs are expected to receive a monthly stipend of €152. 

Stipends for students with special needs will be launched only when the Foundation has signed a project financing agreement with the European Social Fund Agency. Students, who will be approved to receive the stipend for students with special needs, will be paid for the first months of Fall semester only after the contract is signed. 

Student Financial Services informs students by email with detailed information regarding who can apply for this specific stipend as well as other funding support that becomes available for students with special needs.

Services And Housing

The Student Life Division ensures a comfortable environment for learning and living for all students. All academic facilities are accessible for students with special needs. Student Life programs and services are available for students with special needs. If special assistance is required, the Student Life staff will work with each student individually to identify the support needed to overcome difficulties. Both LCC Residence Halls are wheelchair accessible and have elevators providing access to all floors. There are 2 rooms which have been modified to accommodate wheelchairs. The housing coordinator works with each student with significant mobility limitations that require accommodation or other specific needs. DeFehr Center’s first floor is wheelchair accessible and classes for students with special needs are scheduled in such a way that allows them to access the needed facilities. Michealsen Centras is accessible for students with special needs and is available for students for sports and leisure activities. Students are invited to share information about the support they need due to their special needs on their Housing application. LCC has a full time Student Counselor to help students who have psychological difficulties and is well connected with the local psychological services departments. For further information, contact Student Life Office Assistant and Housing Coordinator.

Academic Support

Upon documented verification of the special needs, academic support is individualized based on the learning needs of each student. Individuals with special needs may ask for academic and technical support, registration assistance, and help for academic service. This support will be coordinated and managed by the Registrar and the Student Success Center.

The procedure for requesting special support includes:

  • Written application to the Academic Vice President of the University submitted through an online form by the second week of the semester. NOTE: Only emergency cases will be reviewed after the second week of a semester.
  • Official verification of a status of a special needs (comprehensive special needs documentation or other medical documents that confirm special needs) in English or Lithuanian languages to the Academic Vice President of the University. 
  • Confirmation from CAS (Committee on Academic Standing) for a special needs program. 
  • Meeting with the representatives from CAS to discuss appropriate accommodations. 
  • A memo to faculty who are involved in the student‘s study program sent by the Academic Vice President and/or Registrar.

The student is responsible for further discussions with the faculty to finalize mutually agreeable plans.

Documentation is kept in the Registrar’s office in the student’s file and information is added to the Registry of Students with Special Needs.

A qualified student with special needs must follow the required procedures for requesting special support in order to ensure equitable participation in an education program or activity. Academic support is provided for those students who require additional assistance. Academic accommodations may include items such as:

  • Individual time schedule
  • Tutoring support
  • Accommodations related to testing and assessment
  • Length of studying

For further information about special academic possibilities for students with special needs please notify the Vice President for Academics.

NOTE: Accommodating student’s special needs will not be granted retroactively.

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