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International Exchange Outgoing Students

LCC International University believes that students are challenged and stretched through the process of adapting to new cultures. Cultural sensitivity, adaptability and long term cross-cultural relationships are the desired results of this cultural exchange. 

Center for International Education offers LCC students incredible study abroad opportunities outside Europe. Currently there are seven programs you can choose from:    

Study Abroad Chile

LCC students majoring in International Business Administration can apply to go to study to Finis Terrae in Chile.

Established in 1981 Finis Terrae University is a non-profit private higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the large metropolis of Santiago. Chile is one of South America’s most stable and prosperous nations making it a great place to study abroad. 

Take the road less travelled and discover what the University has to offer!


  • Regular LCC tuition
  • Travel expenses
  • Orientation program & books
  • Travel documentation, visa and insurance
  • Accommodation and living expenses in Chile

Study Abroad China

LCC students majoring in International Business Administration can apply to go to study to Sias University in Xinzheng, China. Sias University offers a rare opportunity to study in central China where students can take advantage of Chinese traditional culture and the broad variety of academic subjects taught in English. Please browse the programs and exciting opportunities this University has to offer!


  • Regular LCC tuition
  • Travel expenses
  • Orientation program & books
  • Travel documentation, visa and insurance
  • Accommodation and living expenses at Sias International University

Study Abroad Georgia

LCC has a partnership with Caucasus University in Tbilisi. Caucasus University is one of the most prominent Higher Education Institutions in Georgia and Eastern Europe. When considering this University as your choice of exchange, please note that classes offered in English are for the following majors: International Business Administration, Contemporary Communication, Psychology and International Relations & Development and English language & Literature.

Please visit the University website to find out what your study experience could be like. 


  • Regular LCC tuition
  • Travel expenses
  • Travel documentation, visa and insurance
  • Accommodation and living expenses at Caucasus University (no residence halls provided by the University)

NOTE: 4 Erasmus+ scholarships available for Fall 2021-Spring 2022 (700 EUR/month)

Study Abroad Indonesia

LCC students majoring in International Business Administration, Contemporary Communication and International Relations & Development can apply to go to study to Universitas Pelita Harapan in Indonesia.

UPH is a private university situated in the exciting Lippo Village neighborhood populated with over 172,000 people. Meet people around the world and get a chance to travel to South East Asia region, enrich your knowledge and experience the multicultural environment.

Please browse the programs and exciting opportunities this University has to offer!


  • Regular LCC tuition
  • Travel expenses
  • Orientation program & books
  • Travel documentation, visa and insurance
  • Accommodation and living expenses in Indonesia

Study Abroad South Korea

South Korea is Asia’s fourth-largest economy and one of the world’s leading financial centres. It has remained relatively unscathed during the recession and has rapid economic growth, making it a promising place to live, work and study. 

You’re also probably interested in doing a bit of travelling during your study abroad semester. South Korea is ideally located close by to other Asian countries such as Japan and China. You could take a two-hour flight from Seoul to Tokyo and experience a different Asian culture and lifestyle. 

In South Korea LCC has four partner Universities:


  • Regular LCC tuition
  • Travel expenses
  • Orientation program & books
  • Travel documentation, visa and insurance
  • Accommodation and living expenses in South Korea

NOTE: 0 Erasmus+ scholarships available to Handong Global University for Fall 2022-Spring 2023.

Study Abroad North America

Two to four LCC students will have an opportunity to study at Gordon College through an LCC – Gordon student exchange agreement. The inviting school and LCC pay for most of the student’s tuition and living expenses while they are studying abroad. Gordon is one of the top Christian colleges in the US, open to all majors.


You will pay your regular tuition and Neumann Hall fees for a two person side in a five person room for one semester. There will be a few additional costs that you need to keep in mind (e.g. trip to the US Embassy in Vilnius).

Included in your semester

  • 15–16 (North American) / 30 (LCC) semester hours
  • Housing at Gordon
  • US student visa
  • Round trip to and from the US
  • Textbooks
  • Insurance


What if I receive a scholarship at LCC?

While being at Gordon you will still be treated as an LCC student here on campus; thus, you will have to pay what you usually pay each semester. The only difference is that you will be asked to pay the dorm fees for Neumann even if you live in Enns.

Can I study at Gordon and participate in Work and Travel program?

No, you won’t be able to stay and work after your semester at Gordon is over, since you will be going to the US on the student visa. If you have signed up to participate in Work and Travel, you will have to come back to Lithuania, apply for work visa and go back to the US. The same principle applies to students studying abroad in the fall. You will have to come back to Lithuania after Work and Travel and only then apply for your student visa.

Will my scholarship cover my meals?

Gordon College has a meal plan that will provide you with three meals a day. 

Do I have to pay dorm fees if I am not living in the dorms?

Yes, you will be asked to cover the fees for one semester at Neumann Hall on a two person side in a five person room. Students living in Enns Hall will be asked to pay for Neumann Hall.

New York City semester in Journalism at King’s College

NYCS in Journalism – spend a semester learning from top-notch journalism faculty and interning at a news media organization in the journalism capital of America. Studying with professors who are deeply rooted in Christian faith , NYCSJ students cultivate their commitment to the truth and to the skill to tell it well. 

NYCSJ is a 15 credit program (30 ECTS) and it is designed according to the course framework below:

  • Foundations of Journalism (3credits)
  • Entrepreneurial Journalism (3 credits)
  • Internship (6 credits)
  • Elective (3 credits)


  • Tuition and housing at King’s College  – 12,500 $ (available scholarships up to 10,000 $)
  • Student is responsible for covering the cost of a round trip airfare to/from New York.
  • Student is responsible for applying and covering all fees related to obtaining a valid US visa.

* student will be required to take academic leave for the semester, however, all earned credits will be recognized and added to the degree.

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Previous academic records (CUM GPA of 7.50 and above ; 8.0+ for US programs) 
  • Must be 2nd or 3rd year full time student during the exchange semester (only 3rd year student eligible for Study Abroad North America program)
  • Motivation to study in a foreign country 
  • Co-Curricular involvement 
  • Student’s goals fit the host institution study program 
  • No financial debts to LCC 

Application Process

Application deadline for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semester is January 18, 2022. 

Applications are due throughout December-January once a year for the upcoming academic year. E-news are sent with application information and dates to all students in December.   

Get faculty & peer recommendations
Get results within 3-4 wee

Selected Students

Need to be full-time students at a hosting institution taking 30 ECTS credits per semester. All earned pre-approved credits are recognized as part of studies at LCC International University.


  • submit application form and any additional documents to the receiving institution before their due date.The student is responsible for meeting the requirements and deadlines.
  • meet with Department Chair and Registrar, and submit eligibility form to Center for International Education confirming pre-selected classes.
  • submit letter of acceptance issued by receiving institution to Letter must state exact semester start and end dates.

During the semester

Changing classes

If you decide to make any class changes, please immediately complete the following online form in order to get academic approval.


After the first day of classes at a host institution students must officially withdraw from the course that they do not wish to continue in. The schedule below shows the financial consequences of withdrawing. The tuition refund is based upon the day the withdrawal process is complete, not the day the student ceases to attend the course. Students who drop classes at a host institution from the beginning of the semester will be refunded as per the following schedule:

  • Semester days 1-7: 100% refund, no academic penalty
  • Semester days 8-21: 50% refund, no academic penalty
  • Semester days 22-35: 25% refund, no academic penalty
  • Semester day 36 and later: 0% refund (withdrawn-fail)
After the semester

When you finish your studies abroad and come back to LCC, please provide the Center for International Education with the following:

  • Submit original Transcript of Records

Note: All classes taken at a host institution will be recognized on a PASS/FAIL basis by LCC International University. 

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