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Erasmus+ Traineeships

You, as an LCC student, can apply for the traineeship opportunity funded by the Erasmus+ program. 

The traineeship can be completed in another EU country for the period of 2-12 months. You can benefit of an exchange abroad with Erasmus+ multiple times, either as a student or as a trainee, but your total time abroad (study abroad periods included) may not exceed 12 months within one cycle of study. These opportunities are open for Bachelor level students and recent graduates. 

By doing a traineeship abroad with Erasmus+, you can improve not only your communication, language and inter-cultural skills, but also soft skills highly valued by future employers, as well as become more entrepreneurial. 

Types of Traineeships

  • Academic (9/15 ECTS) 
  • Non academic (0 ECTS) – only available after graduation. Graduate traineeship has to start and end within 12 month period post graduation. 


  • Previous academic records (CUM GPA of 8.00 and above)
  • Motivation to go on traineeship abroad
  • Co-Curricular involvement
  • Ability to find placement by yourself  
  • Traineeship must be relevant for your degree-related learning  
  • No financial debts to LCC 

Application Process

Application deadline for:

  • SPRING 2022/SUMMER 2022 (December graduates only) – November 8
  • SUMMER 2022/FALL 2022 (all other students) – March 15

To apply, please fill out these forms: 

Where can I do my traineeship?

It is student’s responsibility to seek for a placement independently. Your traineeship must be relevant for your degree-related learning and personal development needs and, wherever possible, be integrated in your study programme.

You may carry out a traineeship at any organization in an Erasmus+ Programme Country (with the exception of EU institutions, bodies and agencies). The host organization can be private or public. 


  • Small, medium or large enterprises (including social enterprises)
  • Public bodies at local, regional or national level
  • Social partners or other representatives of working life including trade unions, chambers of commerce, or professional associations
  • Research institutes
  • Foundations
  • Institutes, schools and educational centers
  • Non-profit organizations, NGO’s and other similar associations
  • Bodies providing career guidance, professional counseling and information services


  • EU bodies and other EU institutions, including specialized agencies.
  • Organizations managing EU programs, for example Erasmus+ National Agencies
  • Working remotely
  • Conflict of Interest (e.g. if you work for an organisation that you co-own or co-created, or is run by your relatives)

Find Your Traineeship

Contact companies directly or check the traineeship offers on the following online databases:

Erasmus+ Traineeship Grants 2021–2022

You may receive an Erasmus+ grant which is supposed to partly cover additional costs such as travel, insurance, visa, accommodation and food expenses. 

Monthly Erasmus+ traineeship grant amounts per country groups:

  • Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Sweden – €670
  • Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany – €670 
  • Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary – €600

Students can also participate in the Erasmus+ program as “zero grant” participants, which means that they are not provided with funding, but are given the status of an Erasmus+ student (as well as all related privileges and responsibilities).

  • Students with special needs and students with disadvantaged backgrounds can receive additional support. The need for additional expenses has to be proven by official documents.
  • If traineeship abroad is completed as a part of an academic program, all financial obligations to LCC would still apply during your traineeship period abroad. 

Documents for Selected Students

Before the traineeship:
  • Must sign Erasmus+ traineeship agreementSee guidelines
  • Must submit traineeship acceptance letter & contract 
  • Must submit insurance policy copy (student is responsible to purchase health insurance, liability insurance and accident insurance coverage) 
  • Must sign Financial agreement (note: filled by Center for International Education) 
  • Complete online language assessment test
After the traineeship:
  • Submit final EU Survey (a survey link will be sent to your email address just after the end of your traineeship period)
  • Complete online language assessment test 
  • Submit certificate issued by the company, which states the completion of traineeship and its results (certificate, signed and stamped by employer, must  be submitted to Center for International Education) 

NOTE: if the Erasmus+ Traineeship period was shorter than it was planned in the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement, the final amount of the grant will be recalculated according to the real duration of the mobility period and a part of the grant could be requested to be returned back. The mobility period cannot be of less than 2 months, in that case the entire scholarship must be returned back. 

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